WIN, Women In Negotiation, is a premier female-focused negotiation skills development organization. We believe that empowering women is key to solving many of the world's most challenging problems. 

It all started with a male ally. At a negotiation conference, he observed that women were raising questions about negotiation challenges that men were not aware of or could not identify with. They were concerned about facing backlash, being penalized for speaking up, or felt barred from important conversations. Through his commitment, he laid the foundation for the first WIN Summit, an event for women's voices to be amplified, encourage other women, and discuss solutions for their shared issues.

Over the last five years, WIN Summit has grown to encompass programming and support for ongoing professional development. Through online training, personal coaching, and workshops, WIN empowers women to discover new ways to harness their unique strengths, elevate their skills, leverage their value, and better advocate for both themselves and their companies.

The Need for WIN

In order for today’s workplaces to thrive, we must embrace and adapt to change quickly. WIN is disrupting the negotiation training marketplace. The solutions that “worked” for decades have left women behind. In order to make generational advancements, we must deconstruct the barriers that have facilitated internalized and external biases.  Women negotiate differently, whether for themselves or for others and that is a thing to be celebrated, not diminished. 

The art of negotiation spans much further than salary negotiations. We, in fact, negotiate every day, with our colleagues, our supervisors, our friends, and with our partners.  Through a holistic lens, our negotiation programming centers on building relationships, personal and professional, that are rooted in mutual trust and respect. 

Our programming was designed to take the guesswork out of negotiating and lay a foundation of self-awareness, preparation, and practice to build confidence in women of all ages to feel encouraged to bring their authentic selves to a conversation. 

Women are 2.5 times more likely than men to feel apprehension about negotiating.

In order to have a successful career, women need negotiating skills. Deeply ingrained societal gender roles and expectations have made women feel the need to be more accommodating and these biases further restrict women. Many women are penalized for negotiating on their own behalf. We teach women to overcome their negotiation fears and deconstruct these perceptions through actionable strategies. 

For 64% of women, microaggressions, such as sexism or racism, are a reality in the workplace.

Intersectional biases occur in the workplace and in order to cultivate a more equitable environment, we must take active steps to ensure those different perspectives are embraced.  Women are assumed to be in a more junior position or are questioned about their expertise more often than men. In order to create generational advancement, WIN continuously takes diversity strategies into account for our training programs.

1 in 5 women say they are often the only woman in the room. 

It is imperative that more women are promoted to more leadership roles.  When women are well-represented at the top, companies are 50% more likely to outperform their peers. WIN works with companies to help them foster a culture that both supports and values women.

More About WIN

If you would like to learn more about WIN, our programs, or how to book a workshop for your company, please use the link below.